Our Story

Welcome to The Game Night Book story!

Three friends got together to play cards and a couple of board games for the first time in person after the Covid-19 lockdown. It was so good to reconnect and reminisce about the previous times they had gotten together with friends throughout the years.

It became apparent that their combined memories told different stories with several significant differences. It was with this revelation that the three friends realized what they had been missing was a way to record scores and memories. Somewhere to record the yummy treats people brought, how long ago a certain game was played, what games were favorites, and the games they’d rather not play again.

With that, The Game Night Book began to take shape. Stickers were required, of course, a loser spotlight, and a place to share how to play their favorite games were among the many ideas. They added scoresheets, a cribbage page, a place for the newbies to sign in, who invited them, and so much more!

We are Three Crazy Girls who created The Game Night Book

We would have loved to look back and see how we earned our nicknames. Marcia “Winner” is also the scorekeeper (hint hint) . Girl Erin “Cheater” has always been Cheater, but we didn’t have The Game Night Book then so we don’t know why we call her that. Cinda “Loser” might not ACTUALLY lose more games than other players.

We know The Game Night Book will help you keep your EPIC memories for years to come!

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